How I Can Help

I offer therapy to individuals as well as couples. I offer short-term (10-12 sessions or tailor-made to suit your needs), and long-term (open ended) sessions.

Initial appointment

Our initial assessment sessions will provide an opportunity to explore how we could potential work together. During our initial appointment we will discuss what has prompted you to contact me and seek psychotherapy. We will discuss your current difficulties and other past or present information which you will be willing to share during the first appointment. 

We will discuss your hopes for your sessions and any fears you may have. In turn I will talk to you about my ideas for therapy with you which will be shaped and flexible deepening on what emerges from our time together. Of course choosing a therapist, a person who you feel will be right for you, is an important decision, and so there will be the opportunity in this session to ask me any questions that you may have in relation to your therapy, and voice any concerns you may have, which will hopefully help you decide if I am the right person for you.

On-going sessions

If you decide to continue therapy, we will go into more depth in regards to your personal history (such as childhood, family history, and relationships), in-order to gain a whole picture of these areas, and to see if there are any correlations in the past to your presenting here and difficulty or difficulties.